June 6, 2007

Digital Talking Paper lets Authors Speak

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Paper with embedded electronics and pressure sensitive ink can speak when touched.

There are awesome possibilities in this, for blind services, for literacy education, for learning languages, for bringing literature to life.

Instead, the researchers are hoping to use the talking paper in product packaging, allowing everything to be an advertisement.

Read full article…Talking Paper Made by Scientists – BBC News –


It’s More Expensive for Society to Tolerate Hunger than to Feed the Hungry

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The costs of hunger – medical care, soup kitchens, lost productivity – far outweigh the cost of providing food.

Why isn’t there political or moral will in this country to change our failing systems?

Perhaps the social darwinists will disagree, but I think the chief concern of government is to provide for those whom society has failed to feed or shelter.

It is collective lunacy to pay more for a worse alternative.

Read full story…Hunger in U.S. costs 90 billion dollars: study – Raw Story –

Bio-Fuels Give OPEC Gas-Price Spasms

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OPEC says investments in alternative energy are threatening investment in oil development, and will cause gas prices to rise.

If oil prices rise, it should push us even faster towards alternatives.

However, this will be a vicious battle over livelihoods and billions of dollars. The political and economic warfare over energy production will get very ugly.

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March 26, 2007

Cell phones replace banks with virtual accounts

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Transferring money directly from cell phone to cell phone could make the wireless companies into the world’s dominant financial powers.

Kenya is trying this because it allows rural populations to access financial services.

This opens up an easy avenue for micro-loans.

Read full article…Kenya sets world first with money transfers by mobile – The Guardian –

March 7, 2007

It’s Time to Program Robot Ethics.

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South Korea is going to use robots to keep its elderly population company and perform chores. And to patrol no man’s land on the Northern border. We will have to develop some ethical standards that recognizes the level of respect accorded to artificial intelligence. It’s at least time to get some committees together.

Read full article…S.Korea works on ethical code for righteous robots – Physorg.com –

February 10, 2007

GE is investing in the world’s water supply

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“If you look at the population growth, there’s the opportunity to build new cities in a different way instead of having pipes running everywhere. Maybe distributed water is a way to avoid that infrastructure in the future.” – Jeff Fulgham, chief marketing officer for GE’s Water and Process Technologies-

G.E. has got water purifying rigs on wheels they can sell because humanity is increasingly subjected to dirty drinking water.

The thing is, if GE distributes the water instead of the government piping it in, the population is entirely dependent on one company for life’s fundamental needs.

Rather, personal water systems and filters, small, distributable, point-of-pour screens, would provide for sustenence and autonomy.

Read full article… Newsmaker: General Electric’s water source -CNET-

February 6, 2007

Fake Teeth that Seep Medication can Replace Pills

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Drug dispensing molars leech directly into the mouth’s mucus membrane.

Pills are a pretty good way to administer meds, but apparently people are taking so many pills these days that it gets confusing for them.

Plug and play drugs which hide in the back of our mouths go a long way towards a steady average everyday background of intoxication, a la Huxley’s Soma.

Read full article…The Intellidrug tooth implant -Gizmag- 


Taser Guns have become a Fashion Accessory

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Personal safety and personal style can co-exist. A pink weapon goes perfect with a purse dog.

They’re still not as sexy as packing heat.

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The Earth’s Inner Heat is an Untapped Energy Resource

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Digging wells for hot magma could take care of10% of the American energy needs, but there’s no funding for geothermal exploration. All the subsidies are taken up by oil and nuclear interests, and they are loathe to share.

The inner fires burn with an inexhaustible flame. Mining the depths brings good energy into our lives.

Read full article… Mining heat from the earth? New technology shows promise – Christian Science Monitor-

January 4, 2007

Genetically enhanced mice muscles have 25% more endurance

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We can change the proportion of certain fibers in our muscles to create super atheletes. We can propel our own evolution.

Read full article…Boost in mystery muscle creates endurance mice -Nature-

More mind controlled robots

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Perpetuating the dualistic conception of life as a combination of ghost in the machine, we are creating ways to transfer our consciousness into more durable mechanisms than the human body. Like avatars in real time.

Read full article…The thought-controlled humanoid robot – puppet without strings. -Gizmag-

January 3, 2007

“Children say being famous is best thing in world”

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It’s not about being famous and being the idol.

It’s about being the god, the divine that the icon suggests.

The death of god has left us with only hollow imitations, mere appearance. And yet humans still clamor to embody the divine. Only their models, their mythological figures, are shallow celebrities instead of rich personifications. And then we are disappointed that our heroes are fallible glory hounds, and we delight in tearing them down.

Being good looking and rich are next on the list. A generation from now, will there be any cultural underpinnings that resembe noble values?
Read full article…Children say being famous is best thing in world.

December 31, 2006


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Here’s how it begins. Welcome to the Jubilee.

Gettin’ on with technorati

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December 30, 2006

67 year old mother of twins.

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These records will keep being broken at a faster rate. Already, modern medicine has doubled the life expectancy, and old age records will continue to fall with our further understanding of human genetics. Old mothers will proliferate as hormone treatments and fertility drugs become part of our eternal quest for youth, leading to evolution in the human life cycle.

Read full article…Woman aged 67 gives birth to twins in Spain to become world’s oldest mother

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